8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Refrigerator

Refrigerator with text: "8 ways to get the most out of your garage refrigerator"

With summer almost here, you are probably planning for your kids to be out of school for a few months. With their release come lots of play dates and little ones running in and out of the house throughout the season. You might be preparing for this by putting extra sodas and snacks in your refrigerator and preparing some easy meals, but you can quickly run out of space… so what do you do?

Take advantage of a garage refrigerator this summer to maximize space. Garage refrigerators are great for extra space and convenience. Here are some things you could store in there to make more room in your kitchen refrigerator.

Recommended For Your Garage Refrigerator

  • Party platters: This is great for families that do a lot of entertaining, or with lots of kids in and out. You can store large party platters in the garage fridge and bring them out around lunchtime for the little ones to munch on.
  • Meat: If you are hoping to save some space in your kitchen refrigerator, make sure to keep the meat in the garage fridge. It will still be stored at the same temperature and keep the clutter out of your indoor fridge.
  • Larger items bought in bulk: If you buy lots of fresh fruit or vegetables in bulk, keep them in the garage. This way, you can keep it in smaller amounts in your kitchen fridge without all of the clutter.
  • Extra drinks: You can put extra sodas in your garage fridge to quickly grab as you are coming and going. Or you could store your adult beverages in the garage fridge if your kids don’t spend much time around it.
Your garage freezer can be a great asset in the summer as well; here are some things we recommend keeping in your garage’s freezer.

Recommended For Your Garage Freezer

  • Large amounts of meat: If you recently went hunting and are storing large amounts of meat in your freezer, keep things organized by putting it in a garage freezer. As you plan to cook it, move smaller amounts into the kitchen freezer for added convenience.
  • Prepared frozen meals: For those weeks when you just don’t have time, keep frozen meals in your garage freezer so you can quickly grab them and toss them in the oven or on the stove.
  • Extra ice: It is always good to keep some extra ice around, especially during the warmer months. When you entertain, you will be able to just run to the garage for some extra ice, rather than having to run to the store.
  • Bulk ice cream: Who doesn’t want to keep lots of ice cream on hand in the summer?

Call Mr. Appliance For Your Garage Appliance Maintenance

If you want to maximize space in your garage’s freezer, make sure to leave lots of space in between shelves for unusually shaped items. Take the time to clean out your garage’s refrigerator before you kick off summer; it won't take long, and it will help keep your foods sanitary. Does your kitchen or garage refrigerator need a tune-up? Schedule an appointment with Mr. Appliance today!