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Washing Machine Repair in Birmingham

Professional Washer Repair You Can Depend On

A washing machine is a household convenience so fundamental that it is often forgotten about until it stops working. If you find yourself dealing with a washer that isn’t working properly – or has stopped working altogether – we recommend reaching out to our Birmingham washer repair experts at Mr. Appliance Over the Mountain as quickly as possible.

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Comprehensive Repair Solutions

Minimize the risk of water damage or replacement costs by contacting us at the first sign of trouble. Our experienced Birmingham washing machine repair technicians have the training and skill you need to get the job done!

Our Team Services Washing Machines of All Kinds, Including:

  • Front-loading
  • Top-loading
  • Compact
  • Combination units
  • And more

What Is Wrong With My Washing Machine?

When your washer begins acting up, it's imperative you seek the assistance of a trained repair professional. As with most things, early diagnosis and rapid treatment are the best ways to prolong the life of your washing machine.

Common Washing Machine Problems:

  • The washing machine won’t power on - This could occur as a result of anything from an imbalanced load tripping the off-balance switch in your machine to malfunctioning timer circuitry or a dead outlet.
  • Too much noise or vibration - While a washing machine is going to have some amount of vibration, one that is improperly leveled or has worn-out damper pads could be causing a much bigger ruckus than it needs to.
  • Not enough agitation - Clothes need agitation to get properly clean. If your machine is failing to deliver, it could be an issue with the drive spindle, agitator assembly, lid switch, pressure switch, and internal timer
  • Your clothes are still waterlogged at the end of a wash cycle - This issue can indicate that the drum of your washing machine is not spinning properly, or may not be spinning at all. Problems with the drum can stem from damaged wires, a worn-out drive belt, a defective lid switch, or a bad timer contact

Our Birmingham washer repair team can help you identify any issue with your machine and provide lasting solutions. Let us help you get your busy life back on schedule!

Give us a call at (205) 774-6797 today to schedule your appointment for a washing machine service in Birmingham. We offer same-day service for emergencies!

    Why Won't My Washer Drain?

    If there is still water in the drum of your washer, when you open the machine, you may be dealing with an issue related to slow or improper draining. This is likely due to one of the following problems.

    Why Is My Washer Not Draining?

    • Worn drive belt
    • Defective pump
    • Clogged drain hose
    • Broken lid switch
    • Blockage in drain system
    • Drain height is off

    All of the above can cause serious issues for the machine and the surrounding area if not fixed quickly. That's why it's imperative you call our Birmingham washing machine repair technicians right away!

    What Causes a Washing Machine to Leak?

    As a machine that uses large amounts of water, leaks in the system are always a big concern. So, if you notice unexplained water pooling on the ground around your washer, you should check for the following.

    Why Is My Washer Leaking?

    • Loose connections
    • Clogs
    • Damaged, unsecured, or worn-out hoses
    • Faulty pump
    • Worn door seal
    • Broken tub seal
    • Malfunctioning water level switch

    Schedule Local Washing Machine Repair Today

    Here at Mr. Appliance Over the Mountain, we know that you have more than enough to do without having to worry about getting your laundry done and dealing with washer repairs in Birmingham, AL. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality service as quickly as possible.

    Contact us online today or call (205) 774-6797 to schedule an appointment with our expert Birmingham washing machine repair technicians.

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