Residential Refrigerator Repairs in Baton Rouge

It’s easy to love having a refrigerator around, at least until something goes wrong. Fortunately, most issues that fridges have can be repaired fairly quickly, and it still beats not having one to store your perishables. Being on the lookout for potential issues, and addressing them quickly rather than ignoring them, makes all the difference in the severity of the situation.

At Mr. Appliance of Baton Rouge and Gonzales, our licensed and insured repair specialists are here to help with any refrigerator problem that comes up. Finding a time that works with your schedule, we will arrive ready to go, with professional-grade equipment to get the job done well the first time. Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. We regularly ask homeowners to share their opinions of what it’s like to work with us in these recent reviews.

What are Common Problems that Refrigerators Have?

Being aware of what tends to go wrong with fridges can help you stay ahead and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

Ice Dispenser Has Frost Buildup

Ice dispensers need enough space to drop the ice cubes as they’re made. Over time, if the door doesn’t fully close between ice-making cycles, there is enough damp air throughout the freezer to start frosting over. This is usually from the lining on the door – it will either need a good cleaning to function well again or a replacement door if it’s broken.

Refrigerator is Freezing Food Instead of Cooling It

If your food is becoming frozen rather than staying just cold, there is an underlying problem with the thermostat. It could be a temporary glitch, meaning you can reset the temperature and be good to go. To test this, rotate the thermostat knob fully in both directions, listening for a click, which is an indication that the thermostat is still working.

Refrigerator is Constantly Cycling

There are a few causes for a refrigerator that cycles too frequently. You can try cleaning out the condenser coils to remove any dirt buildup, but if that doesn’t work one of our professionals will be happy to come to inspect the appliance and determine which part isn’t functioning. Let’s bring your energy bills back down!

Water is Leaking onto the Floor

As one of the most common issues that homeowners run into with fridges, there are a few causes and solutions to water leaks. There might be a blockage in the defrosting drain, which you can try to clear with warm water or manually. Another reason may be an ice clog, which you can thaw by first turning the refrigerator off and then finding the shut-off valve for the ice maker.

No matter what you’re experiencing, our team is here to help.

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