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At Mr. Appliance of Arlington, we understand the importance of having a fully functioning stove and range in your home. We know that good food brings families together, and that's why our team is dedicated to providing top-notch appliance repair services in Arlington, Texas.

When your stove top or range starts making unusual clicking sounds, it can be a cause for concern. Our experienced professionals in Arlington, TX, are here to help diagnose and address any issues with your appliances promptly. We are committed to ensuring that your stove and range are back to working order so you can continue to cook delicious meals for your loved ones.

With our expertise in stove repair and servicing all major brands, you can trust our appliance repair experts to provide high-quality service for all your appliance repair needs. Whether you have a broken appliance or just need regular maintenance, our team is here to help with common repairs and innovative solutions to keep your appliances running smoothly.

Choose Mr. Appliance of Arlington for professional appliance repair services that you can rely on.

About Our Professional Range Repair in Arlington, TX.

Range and stove top problems are common in many households, and when these issues arise, it is essential to seek professional repair services. Some of the most common repairs include range surface elements not turning on or off, indicator lights failing to turn off, improper heating or burning, and unresponsive stove burners.

We offer a professional range of repair services that are readily available to address these issues with quick response times. Our appliance repair techs are equipped to replace a variety of range and stove top parts such as thermostats, gaskets, burners, fall spark modules, safety valves, and dials.

No matter what type of range or stove unit, whether gas or electric, we know your repair services. Brands that we commonly service include:

  • GE
  • KitchenAid
  • Whirlpool

Our appliance repair company is committed to customer satisfaction, offering skilled technicians who provide top-quality workmanship and peace of mind to customers. Services also include range maintenance, cooktop repairs, and quality appliance repair workmanship. With reasonable and affordable pricing, extra charges are kept to a minimum, ensuring reliable and efficient service from experienced appliance repair experts.

When faced with a broken or malfunctioning range or stove top, seeking professional repair services is crucial. With a focus on customer satisfaction, superb workmanship, and affordable pricing, residents in Arlington can rely on reliable and efficient service from our experienced technicians to get their kitchen appliances back in working order.

Why Choose Us for Your Professional Range Repair in Arlington, TX?

When it comes to professional range repair in Arlington, TX, choosing us means choosing quality and reliability. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is shown in the top-notch workmanship and exceptional service we provide. With qualified technicians who are experienced in repairing a wide range of household appliances, you can trust us to get the job done right.

We know the importance of transparency in terms of pricing, which is why we offer flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. You can rest assured that you won't be hit with any additional costs or overtime charges. Our upfront pricing ensures that you can stay on budget while still receiving high-quality repairs for your kitchen appliances.

With a one-year guarantee on all workmanship and parts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your repair is built to last. Our team of appliance repair experts is trained in fixing common appliance issues, from control boards to cooktop repairs. No matter the brand or type of appliance, our experienced team is here to provide reliable and affordable repair services.

When you pick our team for your range repair, you can expect nothing but professional service, efficient technicians, and top-quality workmanship. Don't settle for subpar repairs or unreliable service. Trust us to deliver the quality repairs you deserve for your household appliances.

Whether you’re in Arlington or the neighboring city of Grand Prairie, our experts will handle your dishwasher repair, refrigerator repair, range repair, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Range Repair in Arlington Texas

Why is my stovetop clicking? What do I do?

When your gas stove top is clicking, and you turn off the burner, but you don't get any flame, this is the sound of the electric igniter working to light the burner. However, once the flame goes, the clicking should stop. So when you don't have any flame, and you only hear the clicking sound, then we can help you fix it. Note that a clicking gas stove usually isn't dangerous, but if you continue to leave it on, then you may begin to smell gas, and that is when you should check out any gas leaks from a professional.

When it comes to a clicking stove top, there are a couple of things you can try on your own to get it to work again, such as realigning the burner cap. The burner cap is a common reason why your gas stove will start clicking. When the burner cap is out of alignment, then your gas stove top will click. Once at the store, once your cooked top is completely cool, remove the burner gray to access the cap beneath it. remove the cap and re-center it on the base. Try lighting the burner again.

There is another thing you can try, such as making sure your burner is completely dry. Another common reason for a clicking gas stove top is a wet surface surrounding the burners. The moisture may even be lingering in the burner, even if you cannot see it. To dry everything properly, remove the burner cap and let it air out. Then, turn all the burners off and wipe the top of the range with the towel. You can also aim a fan at the burner in question and return the oven to 350° if your oven is attached to your stove to warm up and dry the burner from the underside.

Another common reason for a clicking gas stove top is food debris. There's sometimes lots of food trapped underneath the igniter, and that can cause issues with flames. If none of these things work, then you may be dealing with a broken spark module or spark ignition switch or igniter in which you will want our professionals to come in and perform a repair and replace some of the parts that are causing it to not work.

What is the difference between a stove top and a range repair in Arlington?

A range is an all-in-one appliance that includes your stove top as well as a built-in oven. Most ranges are designed to slide in between cabinets that sit at the end of a cabinet run, making them easy to install. Cooktops are designed to be installed on top of your counter. Since these appliances include only a stovetop, you'll have to purchase a separate wall oven. The controls for a cooktop are built directly into the cooking surface, giving the appliance a sleek look.

There are also electric and gas appliances. Gas appliances produce a flame, and electric appliances produce a hot metal plate. When it comes to your gas stove top heater it will be highly responsive, able to expand your techniques such as char and grill with an open flame. Gas stovetops and ranges also use less heat than traditional electric heaters. Electric gas stove tops are effective at transferring heat, can have different sizes and shapes and are more efficient than gas. These are also known as induction stovetops.

Need a Stove Top and Range Repair in Arlington, TX? Call Mr. Appliance of Arlington Today!

Mr. Appliance of Arlington is the go-to appliance repair company for range repair in Arlington. Our experienced appliance repair experts are committed to bringing your kitchen back to life by fixing common and uncommon problems that may occur with stove tops and ranges. With our skilled technicians and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that your household appliances are in good hands.

Our wide range of services includes repairs for all major appliance brands, control boards, cooktops, and more. Our experienced team provides top-quality workmanship and reliable service, giving you peace of mind and a functional kitchen once again.

Not only do we offer quality repairs, but we also provide reasonable and affordable pricing, with no extra charge for additional services. Our efficient service technicians are dedicated to ensuring that your appliances are back up and running in no time.

If you find yourself with a broken stove top or range in Arlington, look no further than our team. Our professional service, expertise in kitchen appliances, and commitment to quality makes us the ideal choice for all your appliance repair needs.

Contact your local Arlington appliance repair technician today for top-notch range repair and maintenance services.

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