Washing Machine Repair Appleton, WI

To have a washing machine is to save time. Gone are the days when you have to wash, scrub, and wring out everything individually and by hand, and gone are the days when you have to do all this while traveling to the nearest water source. Today, Wisconsin residents have the luxury of being able to throw a load of laundry into a washing machine, letting it take care of all the washing, scrubbing and wringing out any excess water. Even better, your washer is in your own home. You don’t have to worry about spending all day scrubbing sweat and dirt out of your shirt, you have a machine at home that’ll do it for you. So when something is wrong with your machine, trust the appliance repair experts for professional washing machine repair in Appleton, WI.

Our service professionals will get your machine in order again, so your laundry concerns can go back to being a thing of the past. We know that you have better things to do with your time, like reading a good book, going out with friends and family, and taking the dog for a walk. You shouldn’t have to be forced to lug everything to a local laundromat, or worse, wash everything by hand, just because your machine is malfunctioning. When you hire an experienced Appleton appliance repair expert, you can rest assured that we get every type of failure fixed in no time.

Keep reading to learn more about our Appleton washing machine repair services, or contact us today to book an appointment with our appliance repairmen at Mr. Appliance of Appleton.

Offering The Washing Machine Repair Appleton Deserves

When your washing machine works, it takes care of your laundry with ease, and you can absently-mindedly wash your clothes. Sure, you may have to sort your laundry — or one wants a red sock in a load of whites fiasco — and you do have to treat some stains beforehand, but your washer will take care of the dirt and grime you accumulate on your laundry a lot better than you can by hand.

A washer requires many properly moving parts in order to fill with water, agitate to clean, drain, and spin to remove excess water. And that’s not taking into account the many settings a more modern washing machine has. So the need for repairs and maintenance is not uncommon. If your machine stops spinning or starts leaking, you need to call the experts. Our skilled team of appliance techs is equipped to handle all sorts of common repairs. When you hire our top-rated pros for washing machine repair in Appleton, you can expect us to tackle the following issues:

  • Unusual or disruptive noises
  • Wash cycle lasting longer than it used to
  • Water not draining away after a cycle is completed
  • Water doesn’t fill the machine
  • Water temperatures do not match the setting (i.e.. machine only fills with cold water when it's set to hot or warm)
  • A misaligned drum causing excessive vibration
  • Water leaking out of machine
  • Washer won't turn on or won't turn off
  • The machine doesn't dispense laundry detergent properly
  • Washer door doesn't latch shut

Our appliance repair professionals can handle all sorts of repairs, and replace any parts that have gone on your machine. They are to share any diagnostic advice they may have about your machine's problems, from basic issues to frustrating appliance failures.

Our Appleton repair experts can fix a wide range of washers, including:

  • Top-loading
  • Front-loading
  • Combination washer/dryer units
  • Compact washers
  • Smart washers

The team at Mr. Appliance of Appleton repairs a variety of different brands of washers, including major brands such as:

  • GE
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag
  • Sears
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • LG

If you don’t see your washing machine brand here; don’t fret. We offer repair services for all kinds of major appliance brands. Just give us a call or visit us online for a complete list of brands, and you know you’re set for professional washing machine repair in Appleton, WI.

Choose Mr. Appliance When You Need Exceptional Services: Washer Repairs In Appleton

Mr. Appliance of Appleton provides all kinds of repair and maintenance services for all different types of appliances, including refrigerator repair and dryer repair. Count on us for reliable and excellent service, whether it's routine maintenance or complicated repairs. We will ensure the job is done correctly with high-quality repairs and high-quality service. We are available when you need us, offering emergency same-day appliance repair service.

Our skilled and experienced appliance repair technicians are dedicated to getting your household appliances in working order again. Our repair experts are committed to providing timely service and clear pricing information to keep you informed during the repair process with superior customer service. You can expect courteous and knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through each step, ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable with the process. Our appliance repair technicians have the skills to repair and service a wide range of different brands of appliances, including many major brands.

We promise you’ll be happy you called us — just look at what these happy customers have to say about our service in their customer reviews.

If you’re not happy with the washing machine repair in Appleton, let us know, and we’ll make it right. That’s our Neighborly Done Right Promise!

FAQs on Washing Machine Repair: Appleton, WI

What Parts Can You Replace On A Washing Machine?

Our repair technicians can replace just about every part of your washer. With the exception of the exterior shell, we offer a wide selection of part replacements, including:

  • Belts
  • Control panel
  • Timers
  • Hoses
  • Pumps
  • Lid switches
  • Lid plungers
  • Agitator assemblies
  • Pressure switches
  • Drive spindles
  • Transmissions
  • Transmission mode levers
  • Dampers
  • Solenoids

Don't see the part you're looking for listed here? Just give us a call, and we’ll get the replacement part you need for your unit during washing machine repair in Appleton, WI.

Why Isn't My Washing Machine Draining Water?

One of the most common washing machine issues we fix are washers that no longer drain water. While it’s not as dramatic as your washer making freaky noises out of the blue or shaking hard enough for you to feel it across your home, it is still a very annoying problem. After all, no one likes to handle sopping wet laundry.

A clogged pump or drain hose is a common reason why your washer stops draining. It can get blocked by substances like lint, sediment, trash or even a small item of clothing, such as a sock. Although you can’t avoid mineral or lint build-up, be sure to check all your pockets before tossing them into your washer, to ensure that bits of paper or other trash don’t clog up your machine.

Another cause could be something preventing your washer from properly finishing the cycle. A broken latch can make the machine think the door is open and not finish the cycle. Or, there may be a malfunction causing the water to drain but not spin the excess soapy water from the clothes.

Speak to your local Appleton appliance repair specialist to receive practical troubleshooting advice on why your washing machine isn't draining correctly.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Washer?

Washing machines typically last 10 to 13 years, but it can depend on the machine.

Top-loading washers will last a bit longer than their front-loading counterparts. However, if you have a stacked washer/dryer combination machine, you will have to replace both if one needs replacing.

Regular maintenance will help you enjoy your machine for longer and keep it in tip-top shape. The occasional small Appleton washing machine repair service will also work wonders in maintaining its functionality. Remember, all major appliances need regular care and repair. Speak to your local appliance repair professional for advice on maintenance for your machine today.

Is It Better to Replace or Repair My Washing Machine?

Generally speaking, it is better to get an Appleton washing machine repair professional to fix your machine. Repairs are a cost-effective solution for prolonging the lifespan of your machine without the added pressure of having to replace it. Making repairs can help you maximize the value of your equipment while saving you the expense of purchasing a new one.

Our appliance repair service technicians are experts in fixing broken washers. They know how to restore your washer to its original condition, so you can continue using it for many more years.

The one exception to this rule is dependent on the age of your machine. Although regular repair and maintenance can keep your washer going for longer, if your machine is past its prime and is in need of frequent repair, it may be time to consider getting a new unit. Washers typically have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years, but proper maintenance and repairs can prolong their usage. If your washer is reaching that age and requiring frequent repairs, it might be more cost-effective to consider replacing it instead.

Ask our knowledgeable service experts if repairing or replacing your machine would work best for you. Or simply schedule a service appointment for a washing machine repair in Appleton, WI. Our service providers will run a detailed diagnostic to help you make an informed decision.

Is It Bad to Fill My Washing Machine to the Top With Dirty Laundry?

It can be tempting to just cram your washer full of dirty laundry to save time, but that isn’t the most effective way to do your laundry.

Stuffing the drum with laundry will mean that there’s no room left for water and soap to move around, so your laundry won’t get very clean once the cycle is done. Doing excessive amounts of laundry can cause problems with the washer filling up with water. This can result in two things happening: either the machine overflows and floods the laundry room floor, or it stops filling up with water too soon in the wash cycle, and as a result, there won't be enough water to effectively clean your laundry.

Overloading your machine with too many clothes can cause strain on the motor and other components, leading to potential damage that may require washing machine repairs in Appleton, WI. It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for load capacity to avoid putting excessive stress on the machine and ensure its longevity. Regularly maintaining your machine can also help prevent potential issues that may arise from overloading.

Choose Us As Your Appleton Washing Machine Repair Experts

For all your washing machine repair needs in Appleton, WI, contact Mr. Appliance of Appleton. We are the repair experts for dryers, refrigerators, washers, and all other major appliances in your home.

Proudly serving Appleton and surrounding communities, such as Hortonville, Kaukauna, Neenah, and Wrightstown, we are the one-stop shop for all your appliance repair needs. Our technicians are highly skilled and undergo rigorous training to ensure they can expertly repair a wide range of appliances, keeping your home running smoothly.

Contact us today to book your Appleton washing machine repair or learn more about our appliance repair services.

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