Garbage Disposal Repair Service in Anchorage, AK

Garbage Disposal Repairs for Local Households

Your home’s garbage disposal is the perfect household appliance to keep food waste out of your kitchen trash bin and avoid throwing it into your local landfill. However, garbage disposals can become terrifying and noisy when they break. Nearly all safety-minded homeowners have caught wind of horror stories depicting someone getting their hand caught inside their garbage disposal and risking serious injuries from the moving blades. You should never make garbage disposal repair a DIY project and risk your safety. Call Mr. Appliance of Anchorage’s seasoned appliance repair team whenever your garbage disposal has issues. We offer exceptional garbage disposal repair services in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Chugiak, AK. If your garbage disposal acts up and fails to do its job correctly, we will find your appliance problem’s exact source and repair it as quickly as possible. Reach out to us for more information about garbage disposal repairs and to schedule service at your home.

The Two Garbage Disposal Types

You may not know that garbage disposals actually come in two different types. Mr. Appliance of Anchorage’s highly trained and experienced appliance repair team knows how to resolve issues with both types found in homes throughout Alaska. However, you need to know which type is in your kitchen when you require a professional to carry out garbage disposal repairs or maintenance. We’ve described the two garbage disposal types below:

  • Continuous Feed – Continuous feed garbage disposals start working when you flip a switch. These garbage disposals operate continuously whenever you turn them on and typically use a rubber shield to keep food inside.
  • Batch Feed – Batch feed garbage disposals prevent themselves from running without a person placing a cap or lid over the disposal with a special safety feature. This type will work well in your home if you have children living there who can reach it.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues We Repair

Many things can happen with your garbage disposal and impact its ability to work properly. No matter what problem develops with your appliance, our friendly, uniformed appliance repair technicians can quickly show you the best resolutions to get your disposal running safely and reliably again. In many cases, professional garbage disposal repair services may not even be necessary. If you question your disposal’s performance, your number-one priority should always be safety. Instead, contact Mr. Appliance of Anchorage to let our team diagnose your appliance issue and advise you on the best actions. Below are some common garbage disposal issues households deal with every day:

  • There Is No Power to the Garbage Disposal – Start by checking your electrical panel and verifying that none of your breakers are tripped. After checking your breakers, try resetting your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is jammed, this issue can cause it to overheat and turn itself off. You’ll usually find a red reset button on your appliance that should restore power. If your garbage disposal still doesn’t work after taking these steps, you probably need to replace the motor.
  • Garbage Disposal Jams – Jams are typically the most common garbage disposal issue. High-fiber foods can easily clog a disposal. You should never go through the top of your garbage disposal to try to clear a clog. Instead, you should find a hole underneath the motor for a socket wrench. If you rotate that hole, your garbage disposal’s masher plate should clear the jam.
  • Clogged Garbage Disposal Drain – A garbage disposal can develop a clog like any other drain in your home. However, trying to clear a clog can be challenging. Let Mr. Appliance of Anchorage snake out any material clogging your garbage disposal.
  • Excessive Noise – A garbage disposal producing excessive noise is usually because there’s something stuck inside, such as a screw or a bone.
  • Leaking Garbage Disposal – When your garbage disposal’s seals and gaskets wear out, dirty water can start leaking under your sink. Our technicians can help you by replacing your gaskets and conclusively resealing your garbage disposal.

Experience With Every Garbage Disposal Brand

Mr. Appliance of Anchorage has served Anchorage, Eagle River, and Chugiak, AK households with reliable home appliance repair services for a long time. In that time, we have repaired every garbage disposal make and model found in homes across the state. It doesn’t matter which garbage disposal type you have in your kitchen. You can trust our team to provide the best repair solutions for it. Some garbage disposal brands we have ample experience repairing include the following:

  • Whirlaway
  • KitchenAid
  • InSinkErator (including Badger 5)

High-Quality Replacement Parts for Garbage Disposals

To successfully repair any garbage disposal, our technicians typically need to replace one or more components. Mr. Appliance of Anchorage always uses the highest-quality replacement parts to complete garbage disposal repair services. Furthermore, we back all our residential appliance repair services by offering a 1-year parts and labor warranty. Some parts we may replace while repairing a garbage disposal include the following:

  • Lugs
  • Blades
  • Flanges
  • Tubing
  • Flyweights
  • Motors
  • Lids and baffles
  • Gaskets and Seals

Schedule a Garbage Disposal Repair Appointment Today

Mr. Appliance of Anchorage is ready to help homeowners make garbage disposal repairs as quick and convenient as possible. One of our uniformed technicians will arrive at your home on time and carefully diagnose your appliance problem’s specific source. After an accurate diagnosis, they explain the cost of your garbage disposal repairs and provide a detailed breakdown of all garbage disposal repair cost details. We’ve made our repairs even easier with an online tool to help you schedule a service appointment. Contact us today to schedule a garbage disposal repair appointment.

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