Why Keeping Your Appliances Clean Is Important

Clean Appliance

Every appliance comes with an average lifecycle which is based on an average amount of use, energy efficiency, and the size of the equipment, as well as a variety of other factors. There are steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your appliances and help prevent them from breaking down, including regularly cleaning them. While it may seem like preserving and cleaning your appliances can be extremely time-consuming, it is essential to protect your investments.

Why is it Important to Clean Appliances?

When appliances are dirty, it doesn't just affect their aesthetic appearance. Beyond what the appliances look like on the outside, when dirt, grime, food, and other substances begin to build up within them, they are not able to operate as efficiently. If grime or grease has begun to take hold of your appliances, it's time to incorporate a cleaning routine which can alleviate the buildup. Cleaning is an effective and relatively inexpensive form of preventative maintenance you can do yourself on your own time.

We can offer you these useful tips for appliance cleaning:

  • Refrigerator: Clean the shelves, corners, and compartments regularly. You may want to invest in cling wrap to cover the flat surfaces and keep your fridge cleaner for longer.

  • Stove & Oven: Remove oven racks, baking trays, and stove grates to wash and soak, if necessary. Use soapy water or cleaning chemicals for hard to remove stains.

  • Microwave: There are many different ways to clean a microwave. The simplest way is to put a bowl of water and two tablespoons of cleaning solution into a bowl and microwave it. Then, simply wipe down the walls.

  • Washer: When water sits in the washing machine after a load is removed, it can lead to the growth of mold. Instead, use baking soda and vinegar and run a cycle to clean it out.

If your appliances are experiencing issues which cannot be resolved by cleaning, you may need to hire a professional appliance repair expert in Redlands. Contact Mr. Appliance of Redlands-Yucaipa today at (909) 498-4945 to make an appointment.