Common Problems You May Experience with Your Washer

Clothes in a dryer

Most people use their washing machine multiple times a week and never fully understand how important it is until something goes wrong and it stops working. There are numerous issues that may arise with a washer and many of these problems require you to act quickly to get the repairs you need. Here are some of the most common problems that individuals may experience with their washing machines.

Loose or Broken Connections

One potential issue that people run into is loose hoses, causing a leak behind the washing machine. If the hose is loose or broken, water may not efficiently make it into the washing machine drum, and it could damage the entire unit, as well as the surrounding area with potential water damage.

Clogged Drain

If you put in a load of laundry in the washing machine, and towards the end of the cycle, you notice that the water hasn’t drained from the drum, it can mean there is a clog. This can leave you with a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible so your routine is not put to a halt. You can call for help to remove the clogs in the drain and get everything flowing correctly.

Drum Not Spinning

One of the most important steps in cleaning your clothes effectively is the spin cycle. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that can occur which would prevent your washing machine’s drum from spinning, including a broken motor, drive belt, or other problematic mechanics. These issues may require a professional to come out and take apart the unit in order to find the right fix.

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