5 Common Oven Problems

A woman opens an oven with concern on her face and smoke rising out of the appliance.

Oven Malfunctions Can Be A Nuisance — We’re Here to Help!

At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we understand that oven malfunctions can be frustrating! Over time, issues can emerge with gas and electric ovens, stovetops, and ranges. Identifying the underlying problem with an appliance can be beneficial. We hope that by diagnosing and troubleshooting what is wrong with your oven quickly, you’ll be able to reach out for professional assistance promptly.

We take great pride in our training, experience, and wide breadth of knowledge. There is no one more reliable at fixing kitchen appliances. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and proven techniques, our team of appliance repair specialists will repair your oven with urgency and efficiency. Our technicians are skilled at identifying and verifying the underlying malfunctions of appliances and outlining cost-effective repair solutions. The following are five of the most common oven problems we encounter in the field.

An Oven That Fails to Match the Programmed Temperature

If an oven isn’t heating to the temperature you’ve set, we recommend checking the gas igniter and temperature sensor. Make sure the sensor isn’t touching the oven wall and check the ohmmeter to test the sensor’s functionality (its resistance should increase as the temperature rises). If the sensor isn’t working, give our team a call! We can replace it and install a new one right away!

If the sensor is not the issue, we will inspect the igniter/heating element to ensure it is lighting correctly. A defective igniter is a simple part to repair. In the rare case that everything is functioning smoothly, we suggest recalibrating the oven entirely and seeing if the temperatures and thermometer synchronize. Sometimes, the root issue can be elusive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any stage.

An Oven That Won’t Self-Clean

When an oven’s self-cleaning function fails, there can be an array of underlying problems. Three common culprits include:

  1. A Faulty Door Switch – Most self-cleaning cycles are programmed to turn on when the door is closed and locked. If your door switch breaks, this feature won’t work.
  2. A Defective Thermostat – Sometimes, the thermostat will work when baking and broiling but become unresponsive during the self-cleaning cycle. Sometimes, it won’t work at all. Thermostat issues can be hard to diagnose. Let our specialists help you determine the problem.
  3. A Tripped Thermal Fuse – The thermal fuse prevents ovens from overheating. However, when a fuse gets tripped, it will shut down the oven’s power. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reset a thermal fuse. If it trips, it will need a replacement.

An Oven That Is Heating or Baking Unevenly

An oven that is not evenly distributing heat is a frequent issue we encounter. The underlying cause often involves a faulty oven igniter. An igniter has two responsibilities. First, it must draw the electrical current through the safety valve to open it. Secondly, it must heat enough to ignite the gas. When a weak igniter fails to open the safety valve, it can cause uneven temperatures and insufficient warming altogether. A third possible culprit is a failed bake element. The broiler is likely acting as the sole heat source if it fails to glow red. Fortunately, we can examine both functions to determine what’s wrong.

The Oven Door That Won’t Shut

An oven door that refuses to shut will let heat escape and create a safety hazard. We recommend unplugging the oven or turning off the gas immediately. Once the power is off, give our appliance experts a call. We can pull the door out to check the hinges, door springs, and rubber gaskets around the door. We have the equipment necessary to replace broken hinges, remove broken springs, and repair silicon gaskets efficiently and affordably.

A Faulty Oven Broiler

A broiler is an essential part of many ovens — applying direct, high heat to cook certain foods quickly. For browning crusts and charring meats, broilers can be a game-changer. However, broilers sometimes falter. Common culprits of an out-of-order broiler include the igniter, broil element, and spark electrode. The broiling coils should emanate a red glow when turned on and functioning. If they are not changing color, you may have an issue with the spark plug or another component.

Whatever the case is, don’t panic! The dependable technicians at Mr. Appliance of Memphis are determined to get your oven up and running again swiftly.

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