22 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home

Mother and daughter washing their hands

When it comes to conserving water, people often think they have to go without or spend money on costly alternatives. In reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is conserving water easy, but it could even save you money each month.

If you're willing to make a few simple changes around the house, you can drastically reduce your water consumption in no time at all. Here are just a few ideas!

  1. Turn off the tap when you're brushing your teeth.
  2. Install low-flow aerators in your sinks and showers.
  3. Freeze a plastic water bottle instead of letting the cold water run.
  4. Take shorter showers. It might sound obvious, but you can save thousands of gallons of water by doing this.
  5. Sweep your driveway instead of hosing it down.
  6. Don't use your dishwasher or washing machine until you have a full load.
  7. Clean your razor by dipping it into a cup of water. Don't turn the tap off and on.
  8. Fill the sink when washing your dishes instead of letting the water run.
  9. Use less laundry detergent. Your machine won't have to rinse as much to remove all of the soap.
  10. Steam your vegetables. It'll cook them just as thoroughly as boiling, but it will only take a fraction of the water.
  11. Install a rain barrel in your yard.
  12. Reuse your bath water. For example, reuse it for your pet's bath.
  13. Don't use hot water for defrosting. Let the frozen food thaw in your fridge overnight, or pop it in the microwave.
  14. Dip your sponges and rags in a single bucket of water when cleaning the house.
  15. Don't add to your daily water consumption by flushing bugs, tissues and goldfish down the toilet.
  16. Invest in Energy Star appliances that will conserve water and power.
  17. Use small watering cans instead of heavy-flow hoses and sprinklers.
  18. Instead of dumping your pasta water, let it cool and sprinkle it over your plants.
  19. Buy a low-flush or dual-flush toilet.
  20. Insulate your pipes. This will help to heat your water faster.
  21. Use a pool cover to protect your swimming water even when you're not using it.
  22. Plug up the leaks. Get a plumber to take care of those dripping faucets that are costing you money and hurting the environment!

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