appliance repair service
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Residential Services

Your appliance repair needs are unique. Whether your refrigerator simply needs a temperature adjustment or your washing machine requires a major overhaul, the professionals at Mr. Appliance® are there for you, offering appliance repair with an attention to customer service that is second to none.

The Mr. Appliance advantage:

Mr. Appliance provides appliance repair to all of your household appliances, including:


Mr. Appliance carries replacement appliance parts from many manufacturers, including:


Installations and upgrades

Did you know that upgrading to more efficient appliances, such as ENERGY STAR rated models, could significantly decrease your monthly utility bill? Newer, more efficient appliance options use far less electricity and water than their older counterparts, adding up to a great deal of savings over the lifetime of the appliance. The professional technicians at Mr. Appliance are there for you, providing you with information on appliance repair costs and letting you know when upgrading may be a more cost-effective option. They can help you locate and install the perfect appliances to fit your family's needs.

Don't exhaust yourself in an attempt to diagnose your own appliance issues or track down those elusive replacement appliance parts. Contact the professionals at Mr. Appliance today to schedule an appointment to address your appliance repair needs.