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Wichita Refrigerator Repair

Looking for Reputable Refrigerator Repair Near You? Count On Us!

Working with both haste and efficiency, Mr. Appliance of Wichita technicians are the trusted choice when it comes to local refrigeration emergencies. Few appliances in a household require the prompt response times and quick repair services that refrigerators do. When they stop working, it is a mere matter of hours before your food starts to go bad. That is why we are committed to serving our customers with the loyalty and urgency they deserve. When a refrigerator malfunctions, we do everything in our power to ensure you do not have to throw away your perishable food.

Residential refrigerator repair can be a tricky task. It often requires technical know-how and a level of expertise that goes well beyond the cursory content found on blogs online. For this reason, we recommend that if your refrigerator or freezer is acting funny or unusual, it is probably wise to get it checked by a professional—even if it is still technically working. It is better to check things out before it is too late and you are scrambling to frantically stuff everything into an icebox. Reach out to one of our repair specialists today, and we will set up a time to assess your refrigerator. We can tell you if it is time for a slight tune-up, an intensive repair, or a new fridge.

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Ready for Every Kind of Refrigerator Repair

With a fully qualified and highly-trained staff who use nothing but the latest, state-of-the-art, industry-grade tools and equipment, Mr. Appliance of Wichita is your best choice for expert repair technicians who excel at problem-solving. We can handle countless types of refrigerator repairs, including but not limited to:

  • Ice makers
  • Water filters
  • Thermostats
  • Defrosters
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporators and fans
  • Valves
  • Solenoids
  • Bins and drawers

Our Wichita refrigerator repair technicians also have the versatility to deal with pretty much every type of refrigeration: built-in units, mini/compact refrigerators, standalone freezers, and refrigerators with either bottom or top freezers.

Finally, we have the skill set, resources, and technology to service a vast range of household refrigerator brands: Whirlpool, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Maytag, LG, Samsung, Chef, and General Electric refrigerators are all within our technical capacity, just to name a handful. No matter what type of malfunction you are facing, our refrigerator repair technicians have a proven track record.

Make a refrigerator repair appointment that works with your schedule by calling us at (316) 536-4609 or contacting us online today!

Guarantees, Warranties, and Policies to Back Up Our Claims

After diagnosing your refrigerator’s needs, you can count on us to provide an affordable, flat-rate quote for repairs. Once a price is agreed upon upfront, we guarantee to provide all the work and labor necessary to satisfy the contract. Knowing that we will complete the specified refrigerator repair without hidden fees should come as a relief. This way you will not have to worry if obstacles arise, and a repair takes an unusual amount of time. In such cases, we stand behind our flat-rate without charging more or tacking on any costs for additional labor. And, because we offer free service calls with repairs, there is no need to hesitate when it comes to scheduling a service appointment with one of our techs today.

Another bonus of working with our trustworthy team is that we staunchly stick by our repair services with material promises. In fact, our workmanship and parts are backed by a warranty. This means that if any issue resurfaces, we will send a specialist to troubleshoot and fix the recurring problem. Our warranties are a great reassurance for customers, but we take great pride in fixing the problem correctly and long term. Nevertheless, appliances can be stubborn sometimes. When they are, we are on your side! You can rely on our refrigeration repair services to follow up until the issue is solved.

Finally, when any of our qualified repair technicians are sent to your home, it is safe to expect courteous, respectful professionals in Mr. Appliance uniforms. Friendly and arriving on time to satisfy your busy schedule, our excellent team will treat your property as if it were their own. Each service assignment even includes our “leave no trace” policy. This policy backs up our dedication to returning your residence to its original state. When we are finished, your refrigerator, kitchen, or equivalent space will be returned spotlessly clean and in working condition.

Refrigerator Maintenance and Care Tips from Mr. Appliance of Wichita

Curious to know how you can help keep your fridge in working order? Here are some care and maintenance tips from our Wichita refrigerator repair professionals!

Clean Your Condenser Coils

Your fridge's condenser coils are critical to how your fridge keeps your food and beverages at safe temperatures. Over time, your condenser coils will get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. This can cause your condenser coils to not release heat efficiently which negatively impacts your fridge's performance. As such, we recommend cleaning your condenser coils every 6 months or so. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • First, unplug your fridge.
  • Second, locate your condenser coils - they are either behind your fridge or underneath your fridge at the front.
  • Third, remove any access panels (tools may be required).
  • Fourth, using a vacuum or coil cleaning brush (available at most hardware stores), clean the dust and debris that's collected around the condenser coils.
  • Fifth, put the access panels back and plug your fridge back in!

There’s no time to lose if your fridge is on the fritz! Visit our Contact Us page or call us at (316) 536-4609 to book your service call!

Mr. Appliance tech assessing refrigerator with homeowner
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