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Washington Township Refrigerator Repair

Searching for Speedy, Expert Refrigerator Repair Near You? We Warranty Our Services!

Do you have a refrigerator that is at least a decade old, constantly needing repairs, but you know it still has some life left in it? Our team at Mr. Appliance of Washington Township can assess this most-used appliance and determine if you need refrigerator repair or replacement. We take our time to evaluate potential issues and make a detailed recommendation about the course of action you should take. There’s virtually no one as dedicated to repairing your appliances as we are and willing to go above and beyond for your complete satisfaction.

To get in touch with our specialists for thorough Washington Township refrigerator repair, call us at (908) 402-1427.

Signs Your Refrigerator May Malfunction

When your refrigerator is malfunctioning, it can throw your day into a tailspin. It can also be dangerous for your and your loved ones’ health and safety. Fortunately, your fridge will give off subtle (and not so subtle) hints that it’s about to stop working or not work as efficiently as it used to.

Some common signs your fridge is about to break include:

  • Food is going bad – Rotten food in your refrigerator could mean your fridge is on the fritz, or you need to check expiration dates more often. If it’s the former, you may notice that the temperature inside the refrigerator doesn’t match the thermometer. Warmer temperatures inside your refrigerator could be a sign that it’s about to malfunction and should be evaluated by a professional immediately.
  • Food is freezing – When food starts to freeze inside your refrigerator (and you’re certain the temperature hasn’t been adjusted), you may want to investigate a bit further. The simple and temporary solution is to unplug the appliance, allowing it to defrost and rest. If you consistently notice food is freezing, it’s time to call in a repair expert to help.
  • Your refrigerator is running loudly – Most refrigerators operate without much fuss, and there isn’t a discernible sound when it’s running. However, if you suddenly start to notice any loud sounds your refrigerator is making, simply unplug it for a few minutes and plug it back in to see if that fixes the issue. If not, our Washington Township fridge repair pros are ready to assess and address the problem.
  • Your refrigerator is hot to the touch – It’s a pretty significant contradiction to have a hot refrigerator, which could mean that it’s overheating. We don’t recommend that you try to find the problem yourself, as you could be injured or do serious damage to your appliance. In this case, get in touch with our professional technicians for immediate assistance.

Not only do we have experience with these common refrigerator issues and potential signs of a malfunction, but we can also determine if it needs to be completely replaced. We’ll never make a recommendation that doesn’t align with your needs or isn’t entirely necessary to keep you and your family safe.

If you notice these signs, or any other abnormal behavior, give our Washington Township refrigerator pros a call at (908) 402-1427 to book your repair service.

How to Clean Your Refrigerator's Condenser Coils

Did you know one of the causes of the dreaded "warm fridge" is dirty condenser coils? Your condenser coils are responsible for cooling and condensing the refrigerant. Basically, without these, your fridge wouldn't get cold!

Over time, the coils get dirty which results in a warm fridge since the coils aren't efficiently releasing heat. As such, you should clean the condenser coils every 6 months - if you have pets, maybe a little more frequently. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your condenser coils:

  • Unplug your fridge
  • locate your condenser coils - they are either behind your fridge or underneath towards the front
  • Remove the access panel (tools may be required)
  • Using a coil cleaning brush (available at most hardware stores) and vacuum, clean up as much of the dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris that you can
  • Put the access panel back
  • Plugin your fridge

Afterward, you should have a cooler and more efficient fridge. If your fridge is still warm, reach out to us and we'll be out in a jiffy to take a look!

Mr. Appliance is Ready to Support You Today!

For over 25 years, Mr. Appliance has become synonymous with quality and affordable repair services around the country. Our local business in Washington Township upholds that reputation by offering the community exceptional and viable repair options that put your needs first.

We do this by ensuring:

  • Our technicians are on time for appointments because your time is valuable.
  • We always perform jobs with integrity and professionalism.
  • We continue to live by the company’s code of values that outline how we treat everyone we encounter.
  • We treat you and your space with the utmost respect when we enter your home.

Count on us for top-quality refrigerator repair services near you! Call us at (908) 402-1427 or schedule your appointment online.

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