Refrigerator & Cooler Repair in Orlando

Is Your Fridge Broken? Keep Your Cool, We Got This!

As a restaurant owner, your refrigerator and cooler are your lifelines. You depend on them to keep your ingredients and other food products fresh and safe to consume. When your refrigerator or cooler breaks down, you can expect Mr. Appliance to throw you a line. Our expert technicians in Orlando are trained and experienced in commercial refrigerator and cooler repair.

We can help you with the following refrigerator or cooler problems:

  • Refrigerator or cooler leaks
  • Excessive frost in the freezer
  • Equipment stopped running
  • Equipment is not cooling properly
  • Equipment is making unusual noises

We understand that refrigerator and cooler problems are time-sensitive, and that is why we make sure to always come on time. Our Orlando refrigerator repair experts can save your restaurant time and money with quick and efficient solutions.

We can get your cooling equipment up and running in no time! Schedule a service today when you call (407) 326-2581.