Orlando Marine Refrigerator Repair Experts

Keeping Your Cool in the Middle of the Open Sea

The sun on your face, the smell of the sea, the endless blue of the horizon, and a cold drink in hand. Before you sail away into the middle of the sea, make sure that your refrigerator is fully functioning. Our Orlando expert technicians at Mr. Appliance can inspect, diagnose, and repair your marine refrigerator to ensure its condition before you set sail.

Here are some indications that your marine refrigerator needs repair:

  • Fridge is taking too long to chill
  • Refrigerator leaks
  • Emitting a strange noise
  • Ice build-up in the freezer

We are knowledgeable and experienced in the unique needs of your marine refrigerator. Our marine refrigerator repair experts in Orlando can ensure quality and lasting service for your marine appliance.

Always have a cold drink in hand when you set sail! Schedule your marine refrigerator repair today at (407) 326-2581.