Blog Posts in February, 2017

  • Why Choose to Repair vs. Replace

    February 28, 2017
    If you've ever rented an apartment or house before owning property, you know what it's like to call your landlord or apartment manager to fix something. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes days, weeks, or even months. Owning a home means that you are responsible for keeping everything working within it, from the lights to the electrical appliances. This can be great because you ...
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  • Clean Your Dryer Vents to Prevent Fires

    February 21, 2017
    As a homeowner, especially one with a family, you likely have concerns on how to proactively protect your home and family. There are many steps you can take to prevent potential hazards, especially when it comes to electrical appliances. One potential hazard that you may not be aware of is your dryer, which can become dangerous if the vents are not properly cleaned. It may seem like a clothing ...
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  • Maintaining Your Appliances in Old Saybrook

    February 13, 2017
    To get the most out of your appliances, you want to make sure you are doing all you can to properly maintain them. Unfortunately, there are many times when the problems our appliances encounter are due to some of the minor problems that are overlooked. By maintaining your appliances, you can catch any of the problems that may exist and work to repair them before they become even bigger issues. You ...
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