Meet Your Local Mr. Appliance

Darrel Willis, Owner, Mr. Appliance of Lawrenceville

Mr. Appliance of Lawrenceville was founded in November of 2015 by Darrel K. Willis. Mr. Willis is a graduate of DeVry University where he earned degrees in Electronics (1993) and Technical Management (1999). Since graduating from DeVry, Mr. Willis held varying levels of leadership positions in the manufacturing industry that led to him becoming a proficient and experienced operations manager. His diverse portfolio of experience includes operational areas such as warehousing, production operations, logistics, transportation, and computer repair. Realizing the importance of systems processing and efficiency, and how that impacts the success of organizations, Mr. Willis enrolled and earned a diploma in Network Systems from Herzing University (2015).

As an operations leader, Mr. Willis developed and implemented training and standard operating procedures that led to defining best practices for all job functions; the results of these efforts were an increase in efficiency of 15%. He coached and led improvement teams using LEAN initiatives resulting in 15% reduction in downtime that subsequently led to a 15% increase in production attainment goals. As well as a 3% production startup improvement. While demonstrating flexible leadership and effective communication skills, he oversaw daily activities while inspiring and supporting workforce development.

Mr. Willis’ business acumen for effectively tackling issues of speed, quality, and cost is evident during his tenure as a manager with Sears Roebuck. During his tenure at Sears he managed and motivated technicians to proficiently perform appliance repairs resulting in improvements of state of service by four days, reducing cost per call goal of <$32.43 while increasing overall productivity exceeding the goal of 5.0 to 5.25.

Mr. Willis always dreamed of owning his own business and chose Mr. Appliance in part because they give incentives to former servicemen and women. Mr. Willis is a dedicated family man who spends his spare time with his children and family enjoying the following activities....watching movies, playing board games, and traveling enjoying family outings. He also enjoys most sport activities like; football, basketball, baseball, golf and soccer.

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