Signs Your Washer and Dryer Need to be Replaced

Washer and dryer with walk in closet
Despite how much use they get, most washers and dryers don’t receive the attention they need and it’s easy for them to experience problems. Unfortunately, some of these problems can be worse than others, requiring more than just a simple repair. This is when most Katy homeowners decide to replace their washer and dryer completely. Here are some signs that you can look out for which may indicate the need for appliance replacement.

Loud and Excessive Noises

Whether they are coming from your washer or dryer, loud noises that are consistently arising may be a sign of a bigger problem. This could be due to a problem with the motor or even the drum. If these are broken beyond a certain extent, a repair would not do much to fix the problem and the units should be replaced completely.

Your Appliances Are Older

Most appliances have a longer life expectancy; roughly around 15 to 20 years. This is especially true if they are maintained properly and taken care of consistently. This doesn’t always happen, though, and as appliances get older, they tend to break down more often or work harder, causing them to stop working. This may be the time it’s best to replace the units.

They’re Not Working Effectively

For washers, this may mean that the water isn’t draining, the drum doesn’t fill up with water, or there is some kind of leak. With a dryer, you may notice that the machine is moving due to an unbalanced load or there is some kind of issue with the drum. Either way, if it takes more than a cycle for the appliance to work effectively, there may be a deeper problem that you are not able to recognize until running the machine for an extended time.

At Mr. Appliance of Katy, we recognize the potential problems that may arise with your washer and dryer, and we work hard to provide the services you need. When you need to repair your broken appliance, choose a team that can get it working like new again. Choose us.

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