4 Signs Your Dishwasher Needs to be Repaired

Dad and son emptying dishwasher
Dishwashers may not be as necessary as refrigerators or ovens, but most homeowners would still find themselves in a tough spot if their unit suddenly gave out.

Not only are dishwashers a convenient way to get your dishes clean after a big meal, but they’re also better for the environment when compared to hand washing dishes (since they use about one-fourth the amount of water).

Common Dishwasher Issues Mr. Appliance of Huntington Can Fix

1. Cloudy Glassware

Cloudy glasses can mean a few different things — the most common one being hard water. And while this may not seem like a major problem, because hard water is considered safe to drink and bathe in, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Because hard water contains minerals and calcium, it can clog and damage pipes, and leave you with spotty dishes.

2. Dirty Dishes

If your dishes come out of the dishwasher still slathered in food, it may just be because you’re not scraping them well enough before putting them in the machine. However, the more likely causes are:

  • blocked spray armholes
  • a worn pump assembly or wash impeller
  • a burned-out heating element

3. Long Wash Cycles

If your dishwasher is slowly taking more and more time to clean a normal load, a defective thermostat or malfunctioning timer may be the root of your problem.

4. Leaking Water

You don’t have to be a plumbing expert to know that leaking water is always a bad sign. And unlike some of these other issues on our list which can be put off for a few days, if necessary, a leaking dishwasher needs to be fixed immediately! A leak will waste water, increase your bills, and prevent your dishwasher from working efficiently.

If you’re in need of anything from an inspection of your appliance to a full-scale replacement and installation of a new one, make sure you enlist the help of someone who you can trust. Mr. Appliance of Huntington is here to help you every step of the way! Contact our team to learn more.

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