Stop Microwaving These 3 Things

open microwave oven door

A microwave is a great tool that many people rely on. Whether you’re in a hurry and craving your favorite frozen dinner, or you’re reheating last night’s spaghetti, your microwave gets things zapped back to life in a flash.

You’ve heard horror stories (or maybe you know from experience) about people accidentally microwaving silverware or tin foil, creating sparks and at times starting a fire. But did you know there is a whole list of objects that you should keep away from this kitchen appliance?

Never Place These Three Things in the Microwave

1. Frozen Meat

If you forgot to thaw tonight’s chicken, your microwave is a godsend to getting dinner finished on time. But this method of thawing creates the opportunity for uneven temperatures and can actually increase bacteria growth on raw meat.

2. Uncovered Dishes

When reheating, place a microwavable safe cover over your dish. You’ll thank yourself when you avoid having to clean up a big soupy, saucy, splattered mess.

3. Take-Out Containers

While it may be easiest to just pop in your leftover Indian food, most take out containers should not be microwaved. This includes styrofoam, which will release harmful chemicals into the air and your food. Be sure to check your Chinese takeout boxes too, as many of them contain metal handles!

When in doubt, trust the labels on your kitchenware! Some plastics cannot withstand high heat and will release chemicals into your food as they melt. Keep your food safe and transfer your leftovers to a microwave-safe dish.

If you slip up and accidentally microwave one of these items, don’t worry!  Mr. Appliance of Huntington experts are here to help with your microwave repairs and replacements. Contact our team to learn more.