5 Possible Reasons Why Your Ice Machine Isn’t Working

High tech freezer and ice machine
It can be easy to take the small luxuries in our home for granted. Sure, a faulty ice machine may not impact your life as much as a broken washer or dryer would, but it’s still not something any homeowner wants to deal with.

Causes of a Faulty Ice Machine

If your machine is acting up or not producing enough ice, it may be because:

You accidentally paused it.

Most ice machines come with an option to pause all ice production. Before looking for more serious problems, make sure the switch is flipped in the right direction — it’s easy for food being taken out of the freezer to accidentally hit the switch.

Of a water line malfunction.

Ice machines need to be hooked up to a water supply line. Double check that the water valve isn’t turned off or blocked.

Of a clogged filter.

Just like an HVAC system, freezers and ice machines also have a filter. Once a year, locate and clean your filter.

Of a faulty water inlet valve.

Typically found behind the freezers, find the water inlet valve and check it for debris. Then, check the line that connects your valve and freezer for any dents, cracks, or restrictions.

The thermostat is set too low.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to just set the freezer to the lowest temperature available. When setting up your freezer or ice machine, set the temperature according to the owner’s manual.

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