Energy Saving Tips for Your Home this Summer

Family in kitchen
Every homeowner knows that summer weather can cause their energy bill to skyrocket. But don’t worry, lowering your energy bill doesn’t mean raising the thermostat or, worse, turning off your air conditioner altogether.

Lowering Your Energy-Use this Summer

This summer, keep cool and cut back on your energy-use by:

  1. Using fans in addition to an air conditioner. Also, make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise so that it pushes cool air down.
  2. Upgrade your appliances. Just because an appliance turns on and off, that doesn’t mean it’s working properly. Older air conditioners and refrigerators are often required to work overtime in the summer and use excessive amounts of energy. While the upfront cost of buying a new appliance may seem daunting, it’ll pay off over time.
  3. Don’t crank the AC. Your air conditioner doesn’t need to be set to 60 degrees for your home to feel cool. For every degree above 72, you save about 3% on your cooling expenses (which also means you spend 3% more for every degree below that).
  4. Close your blinds throughout the day. Especially if you’re out of the house for the day, keep the shades closed. By blocking out direct sunlight, you’ll come home to a cooler house.
  5. Don’t put hot food in the refrigerator. Got leftovers from dinner? Let them sit until they’re room temperature — moving food from the oven to the refrigerator increases the temperature of your fridge and forces it to work harder to keep everything cool.
  6. Grill outside. Avoid raising the temperature in your home by not using your oven or stove top too often.

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