My Stove Doesn’t Work As Well -- Why?

Mr. Appliance employee repairing an oven
The kitchen is the heart of the home for more than just cooking food, but it can become an area of unhappiness when the stove stops working correctly. There are a few different issues that can arise, but they can generally be corrected by a professional. Read on for a look at what might be ruining the joy of cooking in any household.

Cold or Overheating Burners

Stove tops are a system that has many working parts, and they can create several different issues. Sometimes the burners will not come on, so cooking can be impossible. There are other times when a burner will seem to choose overheating every item placed upon it. Both of these issues are generally caused by bad switches, but they can be repaired. If a burner is not coming on at all, switching it with another to see if it is the switch of the receptacle will help narrow down the issue.

Erratic Ovens

There can be issues with erratic ovens that do not hold their temperature, and these are often caused by temperature sensors. While this is often the cause, bad switches in the igniter system or valves might also be problems that can still be corrected.

A Sticky Door

Aggravating as it can be, a sticky oven door is not necessarily a deal breaker. The hinges might be worn, or they could be out of alignment. While this might not be the most pressing issue to fix, it can be corrected. If the door remains stuck in the closed position, a bad latch or time could be responsible. It is an issue that should be fixed immediately to be able to enjoy good meals without the cost of delivery.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

One of the loveliest advents in modern appliances is any item that cleans itself, but there might be issues that occasionally arise. The oven’s latches or selector switches could become worn or damaged, but they can be replaced for this marvel of technology to work properly.

There are always things that can go wrong in life, but repairing them might bring happiness back. The heart of every home should beat in a healthy manner, so calling for repair might be a good solution.