How to Store Holiday Leftovers The Right Way

Family making Christmas cookies

If you’re like most people, you store food wherever there’s empty space in the refrigerator. But did you know that there’s actually a right (and wrong) way to refrigerate food?

With the holidays coming up and refrigerators getting ready to hold a lot of leftovers, now’s the perfect time to best understand safe food storage practice.

Safely Storing Food in the Refrigerator

Top Shelf

The top shelf is where you should put food that’s ready to eat, like prepared leftovers, dairy products, yogurt, and cream. You can also store condiments and sauces here.

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf can also hold ready to eat food, as well as cooked meats, packaged foods, and desserts.

Lower Shelf

The lower shelf should always be reserved for raw meat, poultry, and fish. Because raw foods can drip, it’s important to store them below any of your prepared foods to prevent cross-contamination.

Salad Drawer

As its name implies, salad drawers should be reserved for ready to eat fruits and vegetables. And because they’re kept below the meat drawer, you should always keep them safely wrapped — if meat does drip onto your produce, the bag should protect it. You should also be sure to always wash your produce before eating it raw or cooking with it.

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