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Kitchen island

Pros and Cons of a Large Kitchen Island

Ask anyone looking to buy a home what feature they want most in a house, and odds are the answer will be: “a large kitchen island.” Arguably the most popular room in a house, homeowners want their kitchen to be a place where people mingle and share a great meal. Therefore, a large island is seen by many as a must. But is an island right for every home?

The Pros of a Kitchen Island

  • More storage. Even if your kitchen is larger than average, it can still be hard to fit all of your gadgets, cookware, and utensils in the cabinets. Islands can nearly double the amount of cabinet space you have.
  • More countertop/prep space. It’s hard to cook your average dinner with limited counter space, so something like Thanksgiving dinner can feel near impossible! An island is a bonus space for hot dishes, serving, and meal prepping.
  • Elegance. Islands are a statement piece that add a look of grandeur and elegance to a kitchen. Especially when topped with a beautiful countertop, an island can be your main design element.
  • Additional seating. Add a couple of bar stools around your island and you’ve got yourself an extra table! Some people even ditch the informal kitchen table altogether in favor of an eat-in island.

The Cons of a Kitchen Island

  • A budget breaker. Unfortunately, islands are anything but cheap. Because you’ll be doubling your cabinet and countertop needs, you’ll also be doubling your budget. It’s also an additional structure that needs to be created and maintained.
  • Walkway disturbance. Homeowners often try to squeeze an island into their space, even if there’s not enough room for it. And when they do, the idea of an island is often better than what they’re left with — a large mass that makes it difficult to move in and out of the kitchen. If you’re considering an island, make sure you have at least 3 feet of clearance around every side.
  • Appliance placement. To make the most of their addition, many homeowners will place appliances, like microwaves and toaster ovens, in their island. If not placed correctly, you could be opening appliance doors into one another. A cooktop is also a popular addition but can be unsafe for homes with children.

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