Is My Oven Not Working Properly?

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You've probably been noticing lately that your oven has been acting differently, probably even less efficiently than normal. This could be due to a wide range of common oven problems. Some of these problems can be easy to solve. Certain problems may require extra tools and supplies to be fixed. It may even be that your oven is just getting old and it's just about time to get a new one. Before you start investing in a new oven, however, check out some common problems below as well as solutions to these problems.

Some Common Oven Issues

Some of these issues can apply to gas ovens, electric ovens, or both. Identify what type of oven you have, then determine what exactly it's doing wrong. Potential problems include:

  • not being able to light the gas burner
  • the oven isn't heating
  • the self-clean function isn't working

These are only a few of multiple popular oven problems and, luckily, the solutions are relatively easy.

Solutions to These Problems

You can clean the burner from your gas oven as well as the burner grate, cap, and case. If the gas burner still doesn't light, then check for any loose wire connections between the control module and igniter. The oven refusing to heat up is the most common issue people have with this appliance. One solution to this may be to replace the igniter or heating element. The self-cleaning function may not be working because of setting the knobs, timers, and cycle incorrectly. If you made a big mess in the oven, then you may have to clean that first before activating the self-clean function.

There are plenty more problems commonly encountered with ovens, as well as solutions you can implement. However, some of these issues may not be fixed without the help of a professional. For example, the heating element and igniter might be hidden. Only an expert would be able to find and replace those components without causing any serious damage. If you're looking for someone to do repairs on your oven or any other appliances, then you can ask Mr. Appliance. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment with us.

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