Common Questions We’re Asked About Wine Coolers

common questions we are asked about wine coolers

Have you ever thought about buying a wine cooler? If you said yes but never went through with it, why is that? For most people, they simply don’t think they need one or understand its many values. If you’re considering buying a wine cooler, let us help answer these questions you’ll likely be asking at some point.

“Are coolers only for expensive wines?”

A common misconception about wine coolers is that they’re only needed for thousand dollar bottles of wine. In reality, coolers can keep any and all bottles tasting their best. If you’re still not sure if a wine cooler is for you, remember that it will also free up space in your refrigerator and keep multiple bottles chilled at once if you’re having a party.

“Can’t I just put wine in the fridge?”

Wine responds to its environment. If you want to collect or age wine the right way, you’re going to need to keep it in a controlled environment. Unlike your refrigerator, which is opened several times a day and holds a variety of foods and drinks, a wine cellar’s only duty is to store wine.

“Does a cooler do more than just regulate temperature?”

Yes! Though it’s called a “cooler” a wine cooler also regulates humidity levels, light, and even vibration. The ideal temperature for wine is between 45° to 60°F — a few degrees cooler than your average refrigerator. A cooler will also keep wine at an ideal humidity level — 65%. Lastly, a wine cooler will prevent ultraviolet light from penetrating wine — something that can cause premature aging.

“Can I store a wine cooler anywhere?”

A wine coolers job is to replicate ideal storage conditions for wine, so it can be stored virtually anywhere. That being said, storing it in a notoriously humid or hot area (like a sunroom) is going to force your cooler to work harder than it needs to. Plus, if it breaks for any reason your wine is in greater danger of spoiling quickly.

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