10 Things that Should Never Go in Your Microwave

10 Things that Should Never Go in Your Microwave

The microwave is every college student and busy parent’s best friend. No other appliance lets you go from cold leftovers to a hot meal in less than a minute. However, it’s important that we not take our beloved microwaves for granted. There are a few things that, no matter what, should never find their way inside a microwave.

1. Aluminum Foil

Perhaps the biggest culprit of accidental microwave fires is aluminum foil. Though it can be tempting to throw leftovers from the fridge to the microwave, still lightly wrapped in aluminum foil, we’re here to warn you against it.

2. Metal Utensils

Are you sensing a pattern here? Metal anything should never make its way into your microwave because it can easily catch fire and damage your unit.

3. Paper Bags

When left in a microwave, paper bags can release toxins into the air that can catch fire.

4. Travel Mugs

Remember: microwaves use radiation to heat food, not actual heat. Just because a product can withstand hot temperatures, that doesn’t mean it can survive a cycle in the microwave.

5. Styrofoam

Even if it just need to go in “for a couple seconds,” styrofoam can be easily and quickly destroyed by your microwave, so you should always transfer food to a glass bowl or plate before reheating it.

6. Takeout Containers

Takeout containers are usually made out of one of three things — paper, plastic, or styrofoam. Because all three can’t go in the microwave, it’s always best to transfer food to a glass container.

7. Eggs

While eggs may not be likely to start a fire, they will cause a huge mess. Eggs can explode if left in the microwaves for even just a few seconds long, so play it safe and make your hard-boiled eggs in a pot on the stove.

8. Grapes

Similar to eggs, grapes can explode. However, grapes are a bit more dangerous because, unlike eggs, they can catch on fire.

9 Frozen Meat

The “chicken” setting on your microwave likely doesn’t mean what you think it means. Not only can it be hard to check if raw meat left in the microwave has been cooked all the way through, but uneven heat distribution can cause bacteria to grow on your food. If you need to defrost frozen meat, leave it in the refrigerator overnight or on the counter for no more than an hour or two.

10. Nothing

That’s right — turning a microwave on while nothing is in it can at worst cause it to catch on fire. At best, it will damage your appliance.

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