Help! My Microwave Tray Won’t Spin


Whether you reserve using your microwave for only the most hectic of days or you’re a TV dinner-lover through and through, every home needs a working microwave.

Able to heat your food in a matter of seconds, microwaves are the handy-dandy box in your kitchen that make mealtime a breeze. But what do you do if your tray suddenly stops spinning? Despite what you may think, this is a major problem. Even if the rest of your microwave works, your food won’t cook evenly if it’s not sitting on a spinning tray — leaving your health (and taste buds!) at risk.

Fixing a Microwave Try That Won’t Spin

You don’t have to be a Mr. Appliance technician to get your machine up and running (or should we say, spinning) like new again.

  1. Unplug your microwave. Whenever you work on an electrical appliance, make sure to unplug it or cut power to it completely.

  2. Remove the tray. Lift the tray off the rollers of the turntable and clean both sides with soap and warm water.

  3. Remove the turntable. CAUTION: Some microwave models don’t have removable turntables. If your rolling turntable doesn’t come out easily, don’t force it. Instead, do your best to clean around it with warm water and soap.

  4. Inspect the drive bushing. The drive bushing is the plastic piece at the bottom of your microwave that the glass tray spins on. If it’s cracked or split in two, you'll have to replace it.

  5. Piece it all back together. Start with the turntable, guiding it on top of the drive bushing. Then, place the glass tray on top of the turntable. You may have to adjust the tray and turntable a few times until you feel it gently lock into place.

  6. Test it out. It’s time for the moment of truth! Fill a bowl with water and place it in your microwave. Set your microwave for 30 seconds and check to see that it’s now spinning.

If your tray still isn’t spinning after step 5, it may be time to call in the pros. Give Mr. Appliance of Huntington a call us today!