Start Your Year Off Right: Get the Appliance Repair You Need

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A refrigerator that barely keeps your food cold, a stove with one or two non-working burners or a dryer that barely dries your clothes are not making your household chores any easier. It's time to get those appliances repaired. Repairing them is a fraction of the cost of replacing them and the repair could be an easy fix.

A lot of the time, a homeowner will check the refrigerator thermostat and if that's not the problem, they don't even consider repairing the appliance, if it’s older. The problem could still be repairable. Often the reason a refrigerator doesn't get cold is simple. The condenser coils may be covered in dirt or debris, creating extra heat as the coils over work. This may be preventing the refrigerator from creating a cold interior. The appliance repair technician will simply clean the coils, if that's the problem.

The seals may be broken. If the refrigerator's door seal is not functioning, warm air is entering the interior preventing it from getting cold. The repair technician will order a new seal and replace the old one.

Even if you've checked your temperature controls, you might have missed something. The temperature controls should be set around 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you've done that, the problem could be a defective condenser fan.

Ensure that your thermostat is set correctly, usually 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. A defective condenser fan may be preventing cold air from moving through the vents. It will need to be replaced if it isn't working.

If it is your compressor that's not working properly, you could have an expensive repair that may not be worth repairing, depending on the age and condition of your refrigerator. The problems could be the result of a bad start compressor.

There are a number of appliances that can experience issues, so it’s important to know the value of repairing your appliances. Especially now with a new year, you can invest in getting your appliances working like normal without breaking the budget of buying a new one.

At Mr. Appliance of Huntington, our expert repair technicians know how to help our customers get the right fix when they need it most. We are dedicated to helping you have your appliances working like new.

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