Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • Normal Sounds a Refrigerator Makes

    February 23, 2018
    Believe it or not, not all sounds a refrigerator makes are indicative of a problem. In fact, many of them actually mean the appliance is running as it should. If you wake to hear your machine making any of these noises in the middle of the night, grab some water and head back to bed knowing that everything is running smoothly. Clicking/ ticking. This clock-like noise usually means the defrost time ...
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  • How to Clean Your Dishwasher With Only Two Ingredients

    February 12, 2018
    You would think an appliance that’s filled with soap and water every day would be sparkling clean. Unfortunately — it’s not. In order to keep your dishwasher free of germs and running as efficiently as possible, it’s important to clean it roughly once a month. This is What’s Lurking in Your Dishwasher Soap scum: Over time, soap scum begins to build up on the walls of your machine. Food particles: ...
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