New Year's Resolutions for Your Kitchen

Kitchen with appliances

As another year comes to a close, it's time to start planning for the year ahead. Though you’ve probably already made a resolution for yourself, we think your kitchen could use a little TLC in the new year as well. This year, resolve to:

1. Keep it Cleaner

You certainly don't have to wait for 2019 to start cleaning your kitchen. However, making it a point to keep your space cleaner in the new year is a great resolution to have. The first step to take when trying to keep a kitchen clean is to purge all old or expired items. Start with the pantry and go through each item — throw away what’s expired and donate anything still intact or that you no longer want.

2. Use it More Frequently

In addition to having a clean area to eat food, it's good to have a functioning space as well. No kitchen should go unused in the coming year! It's time to give those microwaved frozen dinners a rest and opt for some fresher food options. Whether you start meal prepping or try to make one or two more meals at home, getting into the habit of cooking more will save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Eat at Home More

Once you start cooking more, you'll automatically want to enjoy more meals at home. While it can be more convenient to grab a quick bite when you're on the go, fast food tends to be more expensive and unhealthy. If you want convenience, spend a few hours one day a week meal prepping. This will allow you to have ready-made meals as soon as you need them.

4. Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

This 2019 resolution will also improve your health. Stock your kitchen with more vegetables in the new year to ensure you are getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients. As you make this small change, you'll see other healthy habits start to form.

If your kitchen is in need of repairs, kick off the New Year with a call to Mr. Appliance of Huntington!