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Laundry in dryer

Laundry Hacks that Will Keep Your Clothes Looking Good as New

Have you put off wearing your favorite shirt because you know that after you wear it, it’ll have to take another trip to the washing machine? Whether you’re just in charge of your own laundry or you’re responsible for keeping the whole house in clean clothes, we’re here to help make this household chore a bit more fun (or at the very least, easier).

Throw ice cubes in the dryer.

Does your shirt need just a bit of freshening up, but doesn’t need to go through an entire wash cycle? Throw a few ice cubes and a dryer sheet in the dryer with one or two pieces of clothing. In less than 10 minutes you’ll have a shirt that’s wrinkle-free and smelling fresh.

Don’t overdo it on laundry detergent.

Most people think that the more detergent they add, the cleaner their clothes will be. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Not only will excessive amounts of detergent dull the color of your clothes and cause them to fall apart more easily, it’ll also clog the ducts of your laundry machine.

When in doubt, use baking soda.

Really though, what can’t baking soda do? If you have yellow sweat stains on your shirts, add a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to each stain. After leaving it to sit for about an hour, throw it in the washing machine.

Use tin foil in place of dryer sheets.

If you’re in need of fluffy towels but can’t find any dryer sheets, head to the kitchen. A ball of tin foil collects static electricity just like a dryer sheet and can be used over and over again for roughly a month.

Get pen ink out quickly and easily.

Non-aerosol hairspray + a drop or two of hand sanitizer = no more evidence of your exploded pen.

Help little ones stay organized.

Whether they love to help or you more so beg them to, keep your children’s dresser neat and tidy by placing stickers of t-shirts, pants, shorts, and underwear on the appropriate drawers.

Kick grass stains to the curb.

Speaking of your little ones, do they often come home covered in grass stains? Get those green marks out of any fabric by pouring just 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (plus a little elbow grease!) on affected areas.

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