Blog Posts in April, 2018

  • Laundry Hacks that Will Keep Your Clothes Looking Good as New

    April 19, 2018
    Have you put off wearing your favorite shirt because you know that after you wear it, it’ll have to take another trip to the washing machine? Whether you’re just in charge of your own laundry or you’re responsible for keeping the whole house in clean clothes, we’re here to help make this household chore a bit more fun (or at the very least, easier). Throw ice cubes in the dryer. Does your shirt ...
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  • How to Properly Store a Refrigerator in Your Garage

    April 11, 2018
    If 2-gallon jugs of milk, trays of leftovers, and your little one's birthday cake are taking up most of your refrigerator space, you may be one of the many homeowners looking to add more storage space. Since you can’t add an addition onto your fridge, many people choose to put a second refrigerator in their garage — something that (we’re happy to say) is okay to do, so long as you follow these few ...
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