What Should You Do: Repair Your Washer or Replace It?

Washer and dryer in laundry room
A working washer can be one of the most important appliances you have in your home. Whether you have a large family of children and adults that need clean clothes every day for work, school, and play, or are a single person with a busy work and social life that needs to know they have clothing available when they want it, a working washer is a necessity. But what happens when your washer stops washing?

Do you give up and start carting your clothing to and from a laundromat on a weekly basis? Do you try and find a new machine that you cannot afford, but can’t even find time to shop for, buy, and install in your home? Or do you call an appliance repair company to come out and save the machine you already have? There are obviously multiple options in these situations, and you'll have to determine what works best for you.

Buying a New Machine

The first thing to consider about purchasing a new washer is how cost prohibitive it can be. These are not cheap appliances. If you want to buy a brand new machine, you could be spending hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Even if you don't want all the fancy bells and whistles on your new washer, you could still be paying a lot of money to get one that will last you awhile.

You can try purchasing a used washer, either from someone you know or out of the classified ads, but you'll be taking a risk that the machine is in good-working order and will last longer than a year or so. When buying a new (or old) machine, you'll also have to consider how you are getting the old washer out, what you'll do with it once it's removed, how you'll get the new washer to your home, and who will install it.

Repairing Your Current Machine

A lot of the time, all it takes to get a washer working again is to have a professional repair person come out and work on it. They can assess the problem, figure out the solution, and give you a quote on how much repairs will be. Most of the time these repairs will cost quite a bit less than buying a new machine would. You can often get a guarantee on the work done to repair your washer, so if there is a problem again shortly afterward, the repair person will come back out to fix it again.

If you have the time and the money and the burning desire to buy a new washer when your old one breaks down, you can take that route. But if you want your current machine fixed by a professional for a much more affordable cost and get it working like new, why not call Mr. Appliance of Huntington instead?

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