Which Small Appliances Can Breakdown Easily

Small appliances
If you have ever owned an appliance for more than a few years, you know that appliances can break down over time and need repairs in order to keep them running their best. While this is true of all appliances, there are a few appliances that usually need a little more attention to repairs over time than others. The good news for appliance owners in the Huntington and Charleston area is, most appliance repairs can usually be done without a significant loss of time of the appliance working and can usually be done at a reasonable cost. Since appliances are a major investment, maintaining them and repairing them instead of replacing them can save you a significant amount of money.

Small Appliances That Need Repairs

  • Microwaves — These appliances are pretty hardy, but they can malfunction over time with the heat sensors and spin plates becoming defective.
  • Convection Ovens — As with all oven appliances, problems with the heating elements can cause difficulties over time.
  • Wine Coolers — Some people use wine coolers often, especially when they are hosting others. If these breakdown, it won’t cool the wine and repairs are needed quickly.

Primary Appliances That Need Repairs

  • Stoves — This is one of the appliances that people own that can have minor repair issues every few years. From burners needing replacements, to pilot light repairs and oven malfunctions, these issues often crop up with little notice. On a good note, each of these issues can be repaired quite easily without extensive down time or cost if the stove is manufactured from a major manufacturer and is a standard model.
  • Refrigerators — Most standard refrigerators generally work fairly well for a longer period of time. The main issues with a refrigerator that can crop up over time is a broken seal on the doors or faulty ice makers or thawing mechanisms. Of all of the primary issues, the broken seal on the refrigerator is one that can affect how well foods stay cold. Door seals can be replaced for most refrigerators to help bring back the quality of the refrigeration capabilities.
  • Washing Machines — Washing machines can have different parts that break down over time. Three of the top items that are often affected are the spinner, washing cycle modulator, and the drain systems. This can be especially problematic because any of these problems can make the washing machine not function properly at all. If you use the washing machine at least three or four times a week, you are more likely to have some sort of malfunction over time.
  • Dryers — Dryers usually have a few main problem areas and the heating elements and the spin cycle are the two main problems that can arise. However, there are a few other concerns that can arise such as faulty switches that can make your dryer not work properly.
  • Dish Washers — The primary repair problems with dish washers are often that they can get clogged in the drain cycle if there is excess food that has not been cleaned off properly. They can also have problems with the water cycle system, the soap dispenser cartridge, and the rollers. Most of these repairs can be handled fairly quickly.

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