FAQ About Broken Refrigerators

Appliance repair tech servicing an appliance
There are a number of problems that you can experience in your home, including a broken refrigerator. This is one of the most important appliances in your home and you should understand some of the various issues that you may experience so that you can focus on getting the right repairs and getting your home back to normal. We receive a lot of questions about broken refrigerators, so we wanted to provide some of the answers you need.

Can Dirt Cause a Broken Fridge?

Most people wonder why it is so important to clean their appliances and don’t think twice about what dirt and dust can do to the appliance. One of the most important components of a fridge is the condenser coils. If they get too dirty and dust begins to build up on them, it can prevent the fridge from working effectively, potentially breaking it down.

Why Is There Frost On My Food?

If you open your fridge, you may notice that there is frost on your food and that it is too cold. Check the thermostat on the fridge and see if it’s incorrect. If it’s showing a low temperature, change it to a higher temperature. If not, it can mean the thermostat is broken and you have to get it replaced so you can avoid using too much energy and losing your food.

Should I Fix the Fridge On My Own?

Some people are pretty handy with a tool and when their appliance breaks, they may want to take matters into their own hands to get things fixed. In some cases, the person may be able to do it. However, in a large number of situations, a person trying to fix their own appliance can do more harm than good. It’s best to call a professional who knows how to help.

At Mr. Appliance of Huntington, we know how important your refrigerator is to you and we want to be sure you don’t have to go long without a working fridge. If you are experiencing problems with an appliance in your Charleston home, call our appliance repair team to get the service you need when you need it most.