Common Reasons a Dishwasher May Break

Dishwasher with clean dishwasher
Sometimes a dishwasher may fail if we don’t properly take care of it, and this may happen for many reasons. When trying to take care of your dishwasher, it is vital to avoid certain things that may break it, resulting in an unwanted headache.

Improperly Loaded

Make sure when you load your dishes that they are properly rinsed and ready to go. Placing dirty dishes with too much debris in the dishwasher can cause the pipes to clog and the water to build up. After this occurs, you could be facing mold buildup if the food obstructs and is not gutted out. So, ensure that you rinse your dishware well before placing them into the dishwasher.

Using the Correct Detergent

Ensure that you use the correct detergent and not any kind of soap. Dish detergent is properly formulated so that your dishes are clean and it is safe for your dishwasher. Selecting the wrong soap can make your dishwasher overflow and create a puddle inside of the dishwasher. To avoid overflowing your appliance and creating a puddle of water, use the appropriate soap formulated for your machine.

Avoid Putting In Non-Dishwasher Safe Items

Placing non-dish items in the washer is also a way that you could accidentally break your machine. To avoid this, only place dishwasher safe plates, cups, bowls, and utensils inside. This will ensure that none of the dishes get lodged, stuck, or non-dishwasher safe dishes don’t melt or break. If placing a plastic dish that is not dishwasher safe, it may break and find its way to the bottom causing it to get stuck in the filter.

Don’t Overload It

The last way that you can mistakenly break your dishwasher is by overloading it. Overloading your washer may make dish items bounce around and fall out of the tray. If the dishes fall from the tray, they could break one of the parts within the appliance, or break other dishes that are fragile. Following these safety guidelines can help prevent your dishwasher from breaking and potentially increase the life of the appliance.

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