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Refrigerator Repairs in Upper Marlboro

Repair & Maintenance Services for Your Kitchen’s Essential Appliances

You probably don’t think about your refrigerator very often as a smoothly functioning refrigerator is easy to forget about. Once you start having problems, however, it can become all you think about. A broken refrigerator can disrupt your daily life and cause you to lose out on money due to prematurely spoiled food. Not only that, but spoiled food can lead to illnesses if you do not catch it early.

Don’t let your refrigerator woes linger! Call the appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance of Central Maryland today. Our Upper Marlboro refrigerator repair experts will help you restore your refrigerator to working order quickly and affordably.

Is your refrigerator running? Call (301) 250-1439 or contact us online to make sure that your essential appliance is functioning as smoothly and efficiently as it can be.

We can assist you with common refrigerator problems such as:

  • Poor temperature control- The optimal temperature for your refrigerator’s interior is between 37 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice fluctuations throughout the day or in certain parts of your appliance, it could be a sign of other problems with your refrigerator.
  • Strange noises - If your refrigerator is making unusual mechanical noises or beeping sounds, this could be indicative of a problem with some of your appliance's internal components.
  • Water leaks - Water around your refrigerator can damage your floors and cabinets so you must act quickly as soon as you notice water in or around your refrigerator.
  • Broken water or ice dispensers- If your refrigerator is not producing water or ice as it should give us a call! We’ll be able to diagnose what’s causing your appliance to fail.

Your refrigerator is an essential component of your home’s kitchen. When it breaks, it can be a disaster. Our experts at Mr. Appliance of Central Maryland can help you get back on track quickly and painlessly! Schedule your service today!

Keep Your Refrigerator Running with Regular Maintenance

This isn’t a joke, we promise. With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your home’s appliances. Our Upper Marlboro refrigerator repair experts can help keep your appliance running without interruptions by regularly checking all of the components and catching any potential problems before they happen.

Regular maintenance is a great way to protect the investment you made for your home while saving you money in the long run. By finding and fixing small problems before they have a chance to be bigger issues, you never have to worry about a catastrophe happening when you, and your wallet, least expect it. Regular maintenance services can also extend the life of your appliance so you can enjoy stress-free operations for years to come.

Rely on Us for All of Your Appliances!

Mr. Appliance of Central Maryland takes your home’s appliances’ health seriously. Each of our appliance repair professionals is highly trained and qualified to make sure that you receive the best service in the area. We provide upfront pricing so there are never any surprises with our services. In addition, we offer a comprehensive warranty on both our parts and our services so you can always rely on our work.

Call (301) 250-1439 today to schedule a refrigerator repair service with our team of experts. You can also contact us online at your convenience!

Mr. Appliance tech assessing fridge with homeowner
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