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Blog Posts in September

  • How Long Does a Dryer Take? Is Mine Too Slow?

    A clothes dryer is an appliance that any homeowner would hate to live without. But, despite being a high-use appliance, it is ...

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  • Washing Machine Maintenance Tips That May Surprise You

    You might already know how to maintain your washing machine to some extent. You make sure the appliance is level , you don’t ...

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  • dryer ball next to dryer sheet

    Which Is Better? Dryer Balls vs. Dryer Sheets

    A quick walk down the detergent aisle in your favorite store provides evidence of a market saturated with options for cleaning, ...

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  • Lesser-Known Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

    You might already know some ways to maintain your dryer. You avoid overloading it with clothes, and you always clean the lint ...

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