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Blog Posts in March

  • Styrofoam container in microwave

    Can You Put Styrofoam in the Microwave? Reheat Food Safely

    The professionals at Mr. Appliance ® are sometimes asked, "Is it safe to put Styrofoam in the microwave?" And the safest answer is ...

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  • Grey washer and dryer

    How to Clean Front-Load Washer Mold

    Front-load washing machines are famous for being quiet, efficient, and gentle on clothes, but they’re infamous for accruing nasty ...

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  • Stainless steel appliances in kitchen

    Does Stainless Steel Rust? (Stainless Isn’t Always Rust-less)

    Yes, stainless steel may develop rust when exposed to water and certain conditions. However, it does not corrode in the same ...

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  • Bowl of hot foot in a refrigerator

    Can You Put Hot Food in Your Refrigerator?

    If you're like most people food safety is somewhat of a mystery. Unfortunately, the consequences associated with improper food ...

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