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Blog Posts in August

  • An electric tea kettle, toaster, coffee machine, and espresso machine sit in a row

    How to Troubleshoot the 6 Most Common Appliance Problems

    Not every appliance issue needs professional repair. In certain cases, the fixes are simple enough to do yourself. Are you ...

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  • Gas burner on stove

    Why is My Gas Stove Clicking?

    Gas stoves are the pride and joy of any self-respecting chef. If this is what you have in your kitchen, you’re probably accustomed ...

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  • Chest freezer outside on patio

    Can I Leave a Chest Freezer Outside?

    A chest freezer is a great addition to any home and is perfect for large families or anyone who likes to purchase or store food in ...

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  • broken ice maker

    Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Here’s What to Do

    Nothing is more frustrating than an ice maker that's not working, especially in summer when you'd like nothing more than an ...

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