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Charcoal grill with text: "Father's Day gift guide: all about grills"

Father's Day Gift Guide: All About Grills

The smell of hotdogs and burgers fill the air outside as Dad grills up a delicious dinner on a warm night. Man, our mouths sure are watering!

If Dad keeps dropping not so subtle hints about wanting a grill and everything that comes with it, you’ve come to the right place to figure out what to buy him.

There’s a ton of grills out there and several types, and it can get confusing but we’re here to make your search a little easier with our Father’s Day Gift Guide, so keep reading and get ready to blow him away!

Grills: charcoal vs. gas

Those who favor charcoal over gas grills have a worse ongoing debate than Mac and PC users. At the end of the day, both grills cook food very well. For an even deeper dive into the debate, CLICK HERE to check out our blog on the gas versus charcoal grill showdown. But, here are the main differences:

  • Charcoal grills are believed to get much hotter than gas grills. They can reach temperatures of 500-700 degrees at their hottest.
  • Gas grills use propane tanks to heat up, and might not get as hot.
  • However, charcoal grills take much longer to get that hot than their propane counterparts, and are prone to flame flare-ups that may burn the food. But, the temperature they reach is perfect for cooking steaks that are a nice pink on the inside and crunch on the outside.
  • Gas grills do get as hot as charcoal, but that temperature setting is typically only seen in higher-end models. But they are easy to clean, have no open flames and offer the convenience charcoal grills do not.


Gas grills, almost exclusively, use propane to cook food. However, charcoal grills are lit up with, you guessed it, charcoal. It’s best to buy briquettes then light them on fire to get your grill going.

Chimney Starter

For dads that want a charcoal grill, a chimney starter will be their new best friend. These grills can be difficult to get going, but this tool speeds up the fire starting process, and will be a godsend to outdoor grilling this season.

And don’t forget the gadgets! Here’s a shortlist of items that are sure to please:

  • Long-handed tongs
  • Spatula
  • Long-handed basting brush
  • Long-handed stiff-wire grill brush
  • Instant-Read Meat Thermometer
  • Flashlight or grill light
  • Grill Mitts
  • Grilling Basket
  • Skewers and Shish Kebabs

You can find most of these items at any store that sells grills and equipment, or you can buy them online (and even find an inclusive kit!).

Ready to crank up that gift a notch? How about installing a complete outdoor kitchen for Dad? Schedule your appointment with one of professional Neighborly® teams today. CLICK HERE, then click “Select a Service” and enter your zip code.