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Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winter is among us and so is the biting weather. Don’t let the cold catch you off guard; prepare for the frigid forecasts with these easy-to-follow household tips. Give your home some tender, loving care as we enter the Valentine’s Day weekend, and you won’t regret it when the thermometer dips!

Turn Your Ceiling Fan Clockwise

Use your ceiling fan around the clock by reversing it to run clockwise on a low speed. This will pull the heat away from the ceiling and bring it down to your level, saving you some money on the heating bill.

Turn Off The Outside Faucets

This easily overlooked task can cause a pipe to burst. Disconnect your hoses and drain the water to avoid them freezing over. Use the shut-off valve inside your home if your faucets are not frost-proof. You may want to call in a specialist to drain your sprinkler pipes as well. Mr. Rooter is one of our fellow Dwyer Group franchise companies. We highly recommend turning to these expert plumbers for help with any water line or drain winterizing needs.

Replace The Furnace Filters

Changing the filters in your home is a simple fix with significant impact! It will improve the air flow and air quality in your home, expand your furnaces’ life and cut costs of heating in the process.

Seal The Leaks

Fix that subtle draft in the house by caulking your windows. Moving a lit candle around the drafted area and watching for the flame to flicker can find cracks. Weather stripping around doors and windows will seal off any unwanted breeze.

Protect Appliances from Freezing

If appliances such as washing machines or dish washers are stored in an area in your home which may reach below freezing, you may need to consider winter-proofing these devices with anti-freeze. It’s best to use -50°F non-toxic antifreeze to the protect the lines against freezing. For DIY, step-by-step tips with photos, check out this helpful wikihow article. Running low on time or basic handyman skills? You can always give Mr. Appliance a call for help preparing if you’re sweating upcoming chilly forecasts.