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labor day safety with american flag

Labor Day Safety

Labor Day is a holiday celebrated in the US on the first Monday in September. The purpose of this federal holiday is to commemorate the American labor movement. That’s the official side of Labor Day, but in reality most associate Labor Day as being summer’s last hoorah.

This three-day weekend is a chance for folks to bid farewell to the carefree days of summer and usher in hectic school schedules, football games and cooler weather. But as you indulge in one last summer bash, make sure to keep it safe. Here are three tips from Mr. Appliance to help you keep the Labor Day weekend safe.

Playing Outside

Sunscreen – It can still be hot on Labor Day. As a matter of fact, the average high temperature for major US cities during the month of September ranges from 70 degrees – 100 degrees. If you’re planning to be outside, go ahead and slather on a coat of sunscreen.

Stay Hydrated – Again, it can be hot so have plenty of water handy.

**Fun playing outside ideas: Who says the kiddos can only have all the fun? Try out a hula-hoop, jump rope, Twister game or even water balloons for some outside Labor Day fun.

Cooking the Eats

Grill safety - Nothing beats getting your grub on grill-style on a holiday, but you have to keep it safe. Little things like making sure your grill is properly maintained and watching out for fire hazards can help keep your Labor Day grilling safe and fun.

Food Safety – Keep raw meats separate from other foods and always use a food thermometer when cooking meat. 

**Fun cooking the eats ideas: Think outside of the box with DIY kabobs and even grilled desserts.

Hitting the Road

Avoid Distractions – Get plenty of sleep and have your GPS set before you put the car in drive.

Emergency Kit – If you have car problems in the middle of no-man’s-land, you may still have to sit a while as you wait for help. Make sure to have a first aid kit, water bottles, non-perishable snacks and a flashlight…just in case.

**Fun hitting the road ideas: Stop at the cheesy, touristy places along your route and take a fun group of “selfie” pics to document the trip. This will give you a chance to stretch and re-energize on those longer road trips as well as explore the local sites.

And don’t forget to share those Labor Day pics with us on our Facebook page! Keep it safe and enjoy your three-day weekend.