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Kitchen Safety | Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Safety

We all have that family favorite go-to meal that we can make blindfolded with one armed tied behind our back. You know the dish…the one that elicits accolades and praise from the family and sends you into a temporary “I could be the next Rachael Ray” euphoria.

But it’s in these exact moments when we trust our culinary know-how and we maybe get a little careless in the kitchen. Think about it.

  • You run into the kitchen to get started cooking right after work without taking off that pretty flared-arm sweater and beautifully clanking bangle bracelets.
  • You’ve made the dish so many times you know what it looks like when it’s done so there’s no need to mess with a food thermometer.
  • That silly food processor jams so often you know how to fix super-quick there’s no need to unplug it first.

The states that the top kitchen injuries are burns, eye irritation, knife cuts, tripping/slipping and bumping your head. Mr. Appliance is certainly here to keep you safe in the kitchen by making sure your oven is heating food properly and your refrigerator is keeping it cold, but there are a few things that you can and should do to also ensure your safety while preparing that family-favorite dish.


…wash hands before handling any food.

…wipe up spills quickly to avoid slips and falls.

…turn pot handles away from the front of the stove to prevent accidental bumping and grabbing.

…unplug appliances before touching sharp edges and blades.

…lift lids away from your face to limit hot, steam burns.

…have a stash of baking soda on hand to take care of grease fire.

…keep a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen for “just in case” moments.


…cook while wearing loose fitting clothes that can accidentally catch fire.

…wear dangling jewelry that can tangle around pot handles.

…leave potholders and dishtowels near open flames.

…use wet potholders that can scald when heated.

…toss dirty knives in sink full of soapy water.

…use tin foil or metal in the microwave.

…depend on color and texture as a indicator for food doneness.