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freaky fridge - black and white kitchen

Freaky Fridge

What do you think of when you hear the term holidays? For some it’s a time of celebration and decoration predominately Christmas through New Year. For others it’s a year-round festivity. After all there’s National Hat Day in January; Valentine’s Day in February; Saint Patrick’s Day in March; Easter in April… You get the idea. There’s always a time and place to decorate and celebrate.

The novice holiday decorator may put out a doormat and maybe a table setting to celebrate a holiday. But the hard-core holiday decorator will prowl Pinterest for weeks to find just the right DIY project to catapult decorating to an entirely new dimension and will walk the aisles of Hobby Lobby for hours to find just the right supplies. Perpetual holiday decorating is certainly not for the weak of heart. For the die-hard decorator, it’s a way of life.

But what’s a decorating apprentice supposed to do when Halloween is just around the corner? Halloween is the quintessential holiday for decorators. Have no fear. In this season of trick-or-treat, your friends at Mr. Appliance have a treat just for you. You already know that Mr. Appliance is the place to call to keep your refrigerator running, but we also have some spooktastic ideas to decorate your fridge for Halloween. Ideas that will make even a decorating amateur look like a pro.

Chalkboard Paint
A super easy and fun way to get your fridge into the holiday spirit is to paint it with chalkboard paint. The entire surface of the fridge is open for a ghastly treat of ghouls and goblins.

It may take a few coats of paint and you will need to wait a few hours between coats but the results will be worth it. And don’t forget the colored chalk for the pièce de résistance.

Glue on corkboards or get a sheet of cork or cork tiles and use spray-based glue to affix to fridge.

And for a little extra fun on Halloween, pick up some plastic spiders and a roll of magnetic tape on your next trip to Hobby Lobby. Cut the magnetic tape into small pieces and attach to the back of the plastic spiders. Place on your fridge for an easy and creepy Halloween pizazz.

Do you go all out for holidays? We would love to see your pics. Share them with us on our Facebook page.