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Folded towels with text: "Keeping towels fluffy, soft & absorbent"

Keeping Towels Fluffy, Soft and Absorbent

That fluffy, fresh-from-the-store feel on towels is incredible. But it only takes a couple of months before those perfectly, fluffy towels begin to loose their youthful spark and become less soft and absorbent. No one wants to buy new towels whenever time begins to wear them down. Here are a few tricks you can use to get your towels looking and feeling like new.

1. Vinegar and baking soda always swoop in and save the day when it comes to cleaning, and your towels are no exception. Wash towels with one cup of vinegar and hot water. Then, run the towels through another cycle with half a cup of baking soda and hot water. Voila! Fluffy, fresh towels. Don’t try this technique every time you wash towels, just once you realize your older towels could use some freshening up.

2. Another helpful tip involves busting out the sports equipment. Whenever you put your towels in the dryer, throw in a few tennis balls. This will help fluff up your towels and save you some work. Be sure to use new tennis balls and not your dog’s favorite toy!

3. Waiting around for towels to completely dry can be a hassle, but it’s important to keep your towels smelling fresh. Storing towels before they have fully dried will give them that not-so-pleasant mildew scent. It’s worth waiting it out. Another drying tip for softer towels is taking things old school and allowing towels to dry outside in the wind.

4. Dial it back with the fabric softener. Yes, this can help keep your towels soft and fresh. However, using it all the time creates a build up on your towels over time, making them less absorbent. If you have notice a residue building up, try out the vinegar and baking soda trick!