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Woman gazing out window with text: "A new year. A new me."

A New Year. A New Me.

Wow! 2015 has been quite a year so far. We’ve survived monstrous snowstorms, crowned a super bowl winner and celebrated 40 years of Saturday Night Live. And that’s in just two months.

But what did YOU do during those two months? Did you make a New Year’s resolution? compiled a list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2015 –

  1. Stay fit and healthy
  2. Lose weight
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest
  4. Spend less, save more
  5. Spend more time with family and friends
  6. Get organized
  7. Will not make any resolutions
  8. Learn something new / new hobby
  9. Travel more
  10. Read more

Back in December, we let the Mr. Appliance Facebook followers decide what new Pinterest board they would like to see in 2015. Looking at the list from Nielsen, it’s no surprise that the winning board was A New Year. A New Me.

The A New Year. A New Me. board encompasses the whole you. It takes Nielsen’s top ten list and wraps it up in one place with a pretty little Pinterest bow. So, even if you didn’t make a new year’s resolution, we’ve got something for you on this board with great pins like…

  • Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions.
  • 12 Tips on Staying Inspired
  • 5 Steps to Be Ready to Make a Change
  • 30 Things You Should Do For Yourself

So, fix yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the A New Year. A New Me. Pinterest page.