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Campfire Banana Boats

By: Courtney Clark

While growing up, summertime was synonymous with camping – hiking, fishing, rafting…you name it, we did it. My family was part of a “camping club” that included a handful of families from church who would alternate picking camping destinations for weekend excursions. We’d circle up our campers and RVs Oregon-Trail style and share stories, meals and experiences together. It was always a blast spending time with my family and making new friends along the way. Each night, we’d gather at the campfire, listen to music, tell jokes and enjoy sweet treats.

If you’ve ever been camping with young children, you know that s’mores can be a sticky, dangerous mess. Making s’mores is fun for a while, but it’s easy to get the blahs about marshmallows burnt to an unrecognizable crisp. So we made the switch to banana boats, and thus a camping tradition was born.

Banana boats are a beautiful combination of s’mores and banana splits: soft, warm bananas filled with marshmallows, chocolate and the toppings of your choice. They’re easy to make, easy to customize and easy to clean up. Best of all? They can be made right on the grill or campfire!

Bananas – one for each person
Miniature marshmallows
Miniature chocolate chips

Additional Toppings:
Peanut butter chips
Coconut shavings
Graham cracker crumbs


  • Slice the inside of the banana peel lengthwise, leaving the ends in tact - *Don’t cut through the banana, you only want to cut the peel
  • Open the peel slightly
  • Stuff your toppings in the pocket you have created
  • Place the banana on a sheet of foil, wrap and crimp the ends to form a “boat” shape
  • Place banana boats on the grill, or warm in the campfire for 5-10 minutes
  • Unwrap the banana and let it cool for a minute before eating with a spoon, right out of the peel!


  • Homier: If you aren’t in the wilderness, heat foil-wrapped bananas in the oven at 300 degrees.
  • Friendlier: Using a permanent marker, write names on the foil wrappers to keep track of each camper’s banana
  • Easier: Rework foil into a serving platter for an even easier clean up
  • Healthier: use light whipped topping instead of marshmallows
  • Yummier: After it’s cooked, top warm banana with vanilla ice cream